Protect Your Greatest Assets with Personal Protective Equipment

Safety should always be a priority when working with power tools. This should begin by using correct working methods, whilst also using high quality equipment and the appropriate protective safety clothing. At First Source Engineering, we take safety very seriously and offer a wide range of protective clothing to meet this need, from full chain saw protection clothing to wet weather gear and helmets, gloves and boots.

First Source Engineering (FSE) Amman Jordan offers the most competitive prices found in the market place today for all your personal safety requirements such as: Head protection, Eye protection, Ear protection, Face protection, Respirator protection, Hand protection, Protective clothing, Low temperature areas clothing protection, Fall protection, Foot protection and ARC protection.

PPE Personal Protective Equipment ensures the safety of all employees. Face, eye respiratory, hearings safety, heads safety, hand safety, clothing, foots, ARC's, freezer wearand fall protection are a cost effective way to keep your employees safe. The hazards should be assessed and Personal Protective Products should be selected based on this assessment. Employees should be trained in the proper use of the PPE.Monitoring of the program will ensure its effectiveness. Thank you for choosing First Source Engineering as your first source for safety and industrial supplies, and welcome to As you're browsing, you’ll find hundreds of the latest, most innovative safety and industrial supplies you need.

We are located in Amman Jordan and we invite you to compare our prices, quality and service with your current suppliers, You can be assured that your request will always receive prompt and professional attention.

We'll find the right safety solutions for your employee safety demands and requirements. By understanding your needs and evaluating your current safety operations, as we will identify areas where potential savings and other benefits exist for your organization.

FSE safety provisional people make the difference! - Our sales consultant provide you with personalized service. Whether you need a high volume product quote, have a question, or need assistance with a unique situation, our representative are here to help, Call 06 4758 311 between 8:30 am and 5.00 pm Sunday through Thursday.